Welcome to Friends of Battelle/Talaris

We are an informal Laurelhurst neighborhood group dedicated to preserving and protecting the essential buildings and landscape of this landmark site.

We are not opposed to development. However, we believe that the site can be developed sustainably with proper care to preserve the architectural integrity, the spirit and the seamless integration of its buildings and landscape. We believe that improvements to the site can and must be compatible with the character of the neighborhood. Further, we believe that Battelle/Talaris is important to the our city and region as both an early example of good environmentally-responsible design by some of the Northwest’s best design practitioners and as a precursor of today’s diverse technology-centered economy.

The Battelle/Talaris campus has a long and sometimes contentious history with the neighborhood. Reason, courtesy and understranding can go far in advancing the goals of the campus owners and concerned neighbors.

We will be posting items of interest about Battelle/Talaris and updates regarding the landmark nomination we are pursuing for aesthetic and historic significance.

Please add your comments and send items of interest to us at preservetalaris@gmail.com

One thought on “Welcome to Friends of Battelle/Talaris

  1. I would like to see Friends of Battelle/Talaris become an ‘informal group of SEATTLE residents’ seeking to protect this beautiful landscape for the enjoyment of everyone. I live on Queen Anne yet have enjoyed walking in Talaris many times and hope to continue to be able to do so. Seattle is very densely populated; we need more parks and open space to help balance the stress of city living. Talaris is an oasis of serenity; let’s protect it!

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